The Summit on Bluff Mountain is a mixed-use residential community for permanent residents, second homes, and rental properties, with uniform Covenants and Restrictions to provide for the preservation and values in the subdivision.  Please read and know your responsibilities as an owner.  Fines may be imposed due to violations of the Covenants and Restrictions.  For additional information, please see the fine schedule, which has been adopted by the Board and signed by Elick Combs, President, and Deborah Korlin, Secretary.
Many of you will build in the coming months and years; we are excited for you! ALL new construction and remodel/additions of existing homes MUST be approved by the Architectural Review Committee.  Monthly meetings are held in person or by Zoom on the 4th Wednesday of each month or any postponement thereof.  A completed submission packet with a completed and signed application, a site plan, a full set of plans, and a front elevation showing all materials, colors, and products to be used must be received no later than the 15th of the month for review on the 4th Wednesday.  An in person or zoom meeting  is required with all lot owners prior to submitting application to discuss requirements, HOA expectations, builder review/approval, and plan ideas.  Approval is a process and must be approved by at least 3 members of the Advisory Committee.  Absolutely no permission is granted for one member of this committee to give any approvals, verbally or written.  This committee must work together to approve homes that truly reflect the "Higher Degree of Living" offered in The Summit on Bluff Mountain.   
Architectural Review Committee Application
The HOA will communicate to you directly regarding all noncompliance issues during the construction phase.  Violations may result in fines up to $500.00 per day per incidence or a stop work order.  Stop work orders will be issued if plans submitted are not followed, materials used differ from the original material list, colors changed without permission, and poor quality materials or workmanship.  ALL CHANGES MUST BE IN WRITING AND APPROVED BY A MINIMUM OF 3 MEMBERS OF THE AC.  It is very important to hire a builder you trust to follow the plans and provide the quality expected in The Summit on Bluff Mountain.  ALL builders must be approved and approved status may be revoked due to ongoing violations or issues resulting in noncompliance of HOA requirements.  The HOA suggests hiring a third-party inspector if you are not here to monitor the work of your home.  
Summit Maps